iMAC Leadership

iMAC UK - iMAC Leadership

  1. General Conference

  2. Executive Council

  3. Council of Archbishops

  4. International Bishop’s Forum of IMAC

  5. National Bishop’s Forum

  6. Board of Ecclesiastical Affairs

  7. Finance and Budgeting Committee

  8. Committee for Evangelism and Mission

  9. Board of International Affairs

  10. Continental Assembly

  11. National Assembly

  12. Local Assembly

Other Functional Groups

A. IMAC Council of Ministers

B. IMAC Christian Women in Leadership (ICWL)

C. IMAC Prayer Network

D. IMAC Christian Business Men and Women’s Association

1. IMAC Youth Association

2. IMAC Media Board ensuring effective communication of
 Kingdom of God interests, on Radio, TV and social media platforms.


IMAC shall set up the following department within its outfit:​



Church Affairs

International Affairs

Media and Public Relations

Human Resource Mobilization

Immigration and Racial matters

Missions and Evangelism


Job Creation and Opportunities

Women Affairs

IMAC Youth Organization and Children Affairs

Welfare of People in need

Legal Department

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